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The main facilities of the * Los Reyunos * Center were inaugurated on October 24, 2004 in its central building with the presence of the Rector Ing. Héctor Carlos Brotto and several deans including the host, together with the Governor of Mendoza, Ing. Julio C. Cobos, the Intendant of San Rafael, Omar Felix and other national and provincial authorities to fix the concept of the Academy in the service of the Public Thing.

There is a renewed interest in the undoubted links between territoriality, institutions, culture and economy. Although the study of such relationships has a long history, it can not fail to point out relevant aspects that make the impulse to constitute a Center of studies related to this subject. Increasingly, the academic and political world has been building different and plural visions, although today many high-quality academic centers offer training in the subject or concentrate information for analysis and dissemination. The revaluation of the construction of a complex territoriality as a space for development once again puts at the center of the scene the formation of a critical mass of human resources that can read and operate on such complexity.

Agents, managers and decision-makers in general who have the necessary theoretical tools to decide efficiently and effectively on such diverse subjects as budget management, infrastructure impact, production quality, social networks, etc. In some sense, it also implies the revaluation of transdisciplinary training.

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Históricamente la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional ha contribuido con la Ingeniería, la formación de Ingenieros y el Desarrollo Territorial de maneras muy diversas: en primer lugar y en virtud de su objetivo primordial, formando personas cuyas competencias técnicas resulten suficientes y adecuadas tanto para su inserción laboral y su desempeño ciudadano, como para generar un agregado de valor económico y extra económico en el entorno donde les toque actuar.
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